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    Step -1: Contacting the Rehab Center: Reach out to the Asha Jyothi rehab center through our website, or feel free to call us on: +91-40-23542831 +91-40-23542835 +91-40-23542838 +91-9121106683 +91-9666655558

    Step - 2: Assessment: Complete the required forms or assessments to provide necessary information about your condition and treatment history.

    Step - 3 : Initial Meeting: Attend the scheduled consultation with a healthcare professional at our rehab center. This meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss your concerns, experiences, and challenges in a confidential setting.

    Step - 4 : Treatment Plan: Based on the assessment, the healthcare professional will recommend suitable treatment options tailored to your needs, helping you develop a personalized plan for recovery.

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